A letter to pen pal_给笔友的一封信作文300字

作者:admin 时间:2019-05-17 00:41

Dear pen pal,

I am so happily write a letter to you,today i want to introduce my favorite festival in China,i hope you will like it. In China,i think that the Lantern Festival is the most interesting,we always do a lot of something exciting that day,the Lantern Festival night is so special for me. At night,there are some beautiful Lanterns on the street,Lanterns are in the shape of lovely animals,starts and so on.When you go on the street,you also can see someone buy some things,such as:Lanterns,samll light.we all like these very much,people admire the Lanterns with their relatives,they talk about each other "how beautiful these,""how happy they are."Last ,people will go home,then the delicious TangYuan are waiting for you,we always eat them long time .I have them,love TangYuan,because i think the night is so special and wonderful,and we can forget so many terrible. The Lantern Festival is on January 15th,if you like to spend it ,i'll lead you to play and admire. In this special day ,we have special feelings,it brings happiness and wishes for me,i love the Lantern Festival.